• I highly recommend Traci Zammetti as a personal chef

    This letter shall serve as a letter of recommendation for Traci Zammetti as a personal chef.

    I have medical conditions that leave me exhausted after working 8 hour days. As a result, I would not have the energy to cook healthy meals. Our dinners included fast food, delivery or pre-packaged meals. When I found out that Traci, a friend of my sister, was in culinary school I approached her about becoming our personal chef and preparing 4-5 meals a week that are either ready to cook with minimal efforts or only needs to be reheated.

    In January 2015, we hired Traci as our personal chef. I provided Traci with some of our favorite recipes. A shared Pinterest board was also created to share online recipes. As my husband is a picky eater, finding recipes that he approves has been a challenge. Traci quickly learned acceptable foods and has been great about suggesting substitutions for recipes. After 2 months of working with Traci, I had to go on a low sodium diet. She had no problems modifying meals so they would be lower in sodium.

    Each week Traci prepares the next week's meal plan by reviewing our approved recipes and requests for repeated meals. We review the meal plan and make changes as needed. Traci purchases the food while considering ingredients that she still has in stock. On the following day, she prepares the meals in her house. The meals are placed into glass dishes or covered disposable foil serving trays with copy of the recipes attached. After the meals are ready, I pick up them up at her house. The meals are then kept in the refrigerator (or the freezer) until I am ready to cook/heat it.

    We provide Traci feedback on each meal. Traci accepts our feedback well and takes into consideration our requests when making the meal again. The meals have been delicious and most have earned a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. The meals not receiving 5 stars were not a result of Traci's meal preparation skills but due to the recipe, such as the seasonings. Prior to hiring Traci I was never fond of left-overs. Now I find myself excited to have left-overs. Traci has even gotten my husband to eat foods I never expected. My husband has eaten and really liked meals prepared by Traci that he did not like when made by myself or family. He has even eaten vegetables that he has refused to eat as he thought he didn't like them.

    I highly recommend Traci Zammetti as a personal chef. Not only are our meals better tasting than I would make, but we are healthier as a result of the healthier meals and less stress in our lives.

    - Jennifer and Kyle Davey

  • Event Catering

    I ordered a variety of salads, sandwiches, deviled eggs, fruit and vegetable trays. All the food was very fresh and well prepared. Plenty of food to go around and still had leftovers to send home with our guests. Very professional!

    - Linda S. (event date: August 24, 2017)

  • Event Catering

    Food By T.A.Z. went above and beyond when accommodating for a gluten allergy. The food was absolutely delicious and no one could tell it was gluten-free which is really an amazing thing! My daughter was so happy that she was at a party that she was able to eat more than just a salad. She also served non-gluten free food that I heard was just as delicious. I would definitely recommend Food By T.A.Z. catering!

    - Kelly B. (event date: August 23, 2016)

  • Event Catering

    The food was delicious and there was plenty of it! The guests raved about how delicious everything was. Very professional looking spread too. Very pleased!

    - Becky B. (event date: July 31, 2016)

  • Event Catering

    I had a church luncheon and ordered hoagies for the luncheon. The members raved about how good the hoagies were. The ingredients tasted fresh, and the variety of hoagies were right for our size group. I would recommend Food By T.A.Z. for any catering needs.

    - Amy M. (event date: June 8, 2016)

  • Event Catering

    The Cordon Bleu Pasta is amazing! It's the perfect "stick-to-the-ribs" kind of meal. Highly recommended! (Just make sure you save me a plate!)

    - Gwen G. (event date: April 19, 2016)

  • Event Catering

    The catering service by Mrs. Zammetti for our Parent-Teacher-Student Association's to the Teacher/staff's lunch at Pottsgrove High School was perfect. The food and services was five stars and they were courteous and friendly to everyone.

    - Pete R. (event date: February 17, 2016)